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End User Support

You need your people happy and productive. We make that happen. And guarantee it.

Your team uses multiple devices to conduct business - smartphones, tablets, PCs, thin clients and printers – and if they stop functioning, your business suffers. An effective support solution ensures that your staff is supported no matter where they are, what device they are using or how complex their issue is. Quality of service is your number one requirement when caring for your end users.

That’s why we work with you to create Service Level Agreements that will meet your requirements – and then we strive to exceed them. Led by your Service Delivery Manager (SDM), every analyst you deal with at Compugen is ITIL certified and receives ongoing product training to ensure that they have the very latest tools to resolve issues as quickly as possible.

We’ll tailor our services to your business and your users, and we’ll keep in constant contact to make sure you’re receiving the service you need.

Quality satisfaction surveys sent after each service call and ongoing internal reviews allow your Service Delivery team to take action based on real feedback. Compugen service locations are within two hours of more than 90% of Canadians, to give you the coverage you need.

Service Desk

The key to end user happiness.

We take your end users’ productivity seriously. That's why we’ve invested in sophisticated tools for remote management, staffed our Richmond Hill office’s  state-of-the-art service desk with advanced support analysts, and pay special attention to quality in every call we take and every step of the process.

The service desk supports users across the country and provides 24/7/365 remote support in English and French. Once an end user makes a service request – be it by phone, email or web form – we aim to resolve that call through the service desk in as short a time as possible. At any point during a service call, we can also connect remotely to your users’ desktops if required.

Compugen records every call to the service desk and employs a full time Quality Manager (QM) to oversee the service level each analyst is providing. The QM reviews analysts’ quality reports daily and provides individual coaching based on scheduled and random reviews of customer calls. Through ongoing analysis and coaching, we are able to provide service that constantly exceeds the expectations of your staff.

Want more flexibility? By always managing to your Service Level Agreements, we can provide service desk capabilities that mean you’re always covered in case of vacation or illness.

Onsite Support

For when remote assistance isn’t enough.

For those calls that cannot be resolved through our service desk or remote access control, desk-side support is the solution. Physical upgrades of equipment, moves, and installations are just a few of the reasons you might need a technical expert to visit your users.

By figuring out the right mix of onsite and service desk resources we can help you cut your costs and provide a higher level of support to your team.

Some of the factors we consider are:

  • User population: We work with companies ranging in size from five people to several thousand
  • Type of service: Choose from a combination of fixed schedule visits, full-time resources, or dispatched technicians
  • VIP users: Every company has individuals that require exceptional response and support levels

By tapping into Compugen’s team, you have local access to national expertise. We have Compugen offices and Compugen technicians across Canada, meaning we can solve problems quickly and help your end users get back to work in no time, regardless of where they are located.

Things to consider when looking at End User Support

Supporting your staff properly means providing them with the right equipment and a plan to get it to them with as little disruption as possible. Learn more about how hardware and software specialists can help you with a procurement strategy, then check out how a great migration plan can keep your end users happy and productive.

Not sure if this is the right place to start?

Managed services options are only one of the ways to give your end users the support they require. Need a professional to supplement your team or train the team you already have? Explore our training and staffing solutions.

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