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Online Lifecycle Management (Emerge)

Our DIY customer portal

​Emerge is a bilingual web application designed to help you manage your IT assets. It gives you access to all the data that you’ve always wanted in one place, and lets you transform it into actionable business insight – and it makes your life easier too. Use it to keep tabs on your assets at every stage in the IT lifecycle from procurement to disposal, set up service calls or research new equipment. You’ll never again have to pester colleagues for spreadsheets and status updates to report on your IT rollout or leases.

Emerge stores the data, runs your reports, and emails them to the recipients on your behalf. The data in Emerge keeps a living record of your relationships with Compugen, giving you a detailed history of our interactions and the business we do together. Emerge is highly secure, providing you access only to your own company records. Some organizations have found other uses for it too: one customer uses it to manage their art collection; another uses it to keep inventory of their air conditioning units. 

​Want to see Emerge in action?

Here are some of the tasks it can help you with:

Browse and order IT equipment

You'll find a complete list of the hardware and software from our partners available for purchase in Emerge. Use it to compare products by specifications, check pricing, and place orders directly from the system. Enable your staff to order from our full catalogue, or restrict the catalogue only to items that are on your approved lists.

When you create a quote in Emerge, the system will automatically calculate the taxes and provincial disposal fees, and then send it to your point person for approval. We’ve linked together the entire electronic paper trail: when you click on the link or scan the QR code on the quote, you’ll see the quote’s approval status, if it’s been turned into an order, the invoice and waybill details as they are updated – no need to hunt down separate reference numbers and try to match them up. One click links everything together – easy as pie.

Manage and track asset status

Emerge has a memory like only a computer can have. Keep track of every asset at every point in time. From ordering to delivery, through moves, staff changes and service calls, to disposal – it’s all recorded in Emerge. The details can be as granular as the exact desk or cubicle where an asset is sitting, who it’s assigned to, and when it’s due for updates or refreshes, making it easy for you to find every asset when you need to.

Monitor deployments through Emerge to automate the often time-consuming and difficult to manage tasks of receiving, reconciling, deploying, and tracking new hardware and software as it arrives in the organization. Timely and accurate information means better management and operations from day 1.

If you leased your IT assets through Compugen Finance then they will be tracked through Emerge. If you disposed of your used assets through Compugen or Green4Good, then you can track if the data has been wiped from the machines, and the disposal certificates will be included in Emerge as well.

Set up service requests

Why sit on the phone to open a support ticket and book a service call? Using Emerge, you can request a service call or look up the status of your service at any time of the day (or night), check on the ticket status and read the technician’s notes in real time.

Our technicians rely on Emerge to prioritize, dispatch and track service calls throughout your organization as well. Service staff use it to access critical information for technical support, such as user locations and service request priorities.


Emerge’s self-serve reporting system means you can automate the whole reporting process. Rather than spending your time gathering data, you can spend the time analyzing it. Run a report on anything in the asset database, based on the variables you select and in any permutation: systems, employees, service requests, deployment or disposal status. Your records will always be available to meet compliance and audit requirements, and we’ll never purge your data unless you tell us to.

Need some examples of the reports you can run? Here are a few that will make your life easier:

  • Detailed shipping report: get the model and serial numbers, asset tags, and waybill numbers on every product we’ve ever shipped to you. You can run the reports as soon as the orders have been placed – no need to wait until the equipment is in your hands
  • Back-order report: see which items are back-ordered and the estimated shipping dates
  • Hardware asset queries: create custom reports on any variable in the system, and in any combination you’d like. Set it up once and run it as frequently as you want. The system will remember your preferences.

Manage lease contracts

Emerge allows you to keep tabs on the details relating to all of your leases in one location.  Manage lease returns for hardware; store certificates of acceptance, and track start and end dates for hardware, software and service leases. Take advantage of the extensive reporting capabilities to generate detailed summaries of  expiring assets, dates and requirements, and use,  the asset tracker tool to see where the leased assets are physically located.

By employing the enabled barcode tracking, emerge will help you track your leased assets from the moment they leave Compugen’s warehouse to the date they arrive back at the leasing company’s dock at end-of-lease.  And you’ll never have to worry about leasing charges from missing or late returns again.

Things to consider when looking at Online Lifecycle Management (Emerge)

​All our customers have access to their own Emerge application, but most customers find it useful for ordering hardware or software and booking service calls as part of ongoing maintenance

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If you’d rather not be involved in the day-to-day operations and maintenance of your hardware and software, we can take care of that for you through our managed services offerings.

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