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A Letter From our President to our Customers Read Here 

A letter to our customers

Posted April 01 2020 in Announcements

Dear customers and partners,

Supporting our customers, your businesses, and the customers you serve is the core of our business and the reason our organization exists. For many organizations, the need for support and assistance to adapt to this unprecedented situation has never been greater.


Our message to you – we are here to help.

Most of you have staff working at home in large numbers; many of our customers are providing essential services themselves - hospitals, government agencies, education and critical infrastructure. Irrespective of the services you provide, your business has changed.

Adapting to your changed environment

The rapid change to predominantly remote work has resulted in a significant requirement for home support. In support of this, we have refocused our business so that we can support both your onsite infrastructure and your remote workers. While we will do as much of this as possible remotely, we recognize this is not always possible. For this reason, we have created a program and process that allows us to safely provide services to your staff at their homes, or as always, in traditional business locations.

For those looking for assistance to enable remote workers there are many options available, including programs from major vendors such as Cisco and Microsoft, who are making collaboration programs available at low or limited cost. If you need assistance with planning, selection or implementation, please reach out.

Safety First

We take the health of our staff and yours very seriously and have implemented strict protocols to protect our collective safety.

- At Compugen’s office locations, all staff whose job function allows them to work remotely, are now doing so.

- Staff who are working in our warehouse, service team, parts logistics and configuration centres follow clear guidelines to minimize risk. These include minimized physical interaction, clearly defined working spaces and cleanliness procedures for staff members and the technology they handle.

- Individuals visiting customer businesses / homes follow a firm set of guidelines that further gauge risk and limit exposure if any level of concern is detected.

Operations as usual

Compugen has been designated an essential service, allowing us to continue to provide the level of service you have always been able to rely upon.

Our service desk remains operational 24x7, 7 days per week. Our managed service operations team continues to monitor customer systems and operations; and our solution architects and specialists are consulting with organizations across the country on projects to accommodate spiked demand, changes, or to help alleviate any service disruptions.

Community support

Finally, but not least, our team is doing what we can to support our communities both locally and nationally. Through individual initiatives such as food deliveries to isolated or vulnerable people; making STEM-based educational courses available to school age children at home; and encouraging call-outs from our team to yours… just to be a friendly face, or voice, close by.

How can we help?

If you think we can help you, reach out. Whether it’s for a little advice, a perspective, or some hands and feet to help you get your business fully operational. Our commitment is that we will be here to help you however we can as we navigate these changes.

Harry Zarek
Compugen Inc.

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