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Compugen’s Terry Mirza Joins The Canadian Cloud Council

Posted February 14 2018 in Announcements

Richmond Hill, ON—14 February 2018. Compugen is proud to announce that Terry Mirza, Vice-President of Sales, Canada West and United States, has joined The Canadian Cloud Council, an independent not-for-profit association focused on building an open, accessible and secure technology ecosystem. Membership in The Canadian Cloud Council is expected to strengthen Compugen’s business intelligence, industry connections and business capabilities, providing our customers with tools necessary to effectively leverage technology as a mechanism for growth and value differentiation.

“In joining the Council, Mr. Mirza is aligning Compugen with practical visionaries already on the Council, including representatives of government and government agencies, large technology and resource extraction interests, dynamic entrepreneurial businesses, educational institutions, thought leaders, journalists and policy makers with an intense interest in expanding the positive social role of technology while protecting privacy, security and democratic engagement,” said Robert Brennan Hart, Founder and CEO of The Canadian Cloud Council.

“Compugen looks forward to learning from and sharing with the Council our insights into driving innovation through technology in spheres where we have gained a deep understanding of the challenges and limitations of traditional approaches—for example, the challenge of managing computer service delivery across vast Canadian geographies—while bringing to our customers the best ideas from the vast bank of experience represented by Council members,” said Mr. Mirza.

“Mr. Mirza brings to the council a flare for creative problem solving and a commitment to strengthening the competitive landscape for small and medium-sized businesses through the intelligent use of technology,” concluded Hart.

“Mr. Mirza’s participation in The Canadian Cloud Council supports Compugen’s ongoing efforts—through his board membership in organizations like Kamloops Innovation and C21 Canada—to nurture high-tech education and innovation, and create great jobs across all of our regional and national markets,” said Harry Zarek, President and CEO, Compugen Inc.

About The Canadian Cloud Council

Founded by Robert Brennan Hart in 2011 to encourage better commercialization of Canada’s great technology ideas, The Canadian Cloud Council is educating Canadian corporations on how to drive effective cultural change management processes, so cloud is provisioned and operationalized in a unified, measured and ROI-driven fashion. The Council encourages a shared and open distribution of ideas, theories and practical methods of harnessing technologies for public good. The vision of the Canadian Cloud Council is to deliver frank and unbiased insight to its members, so they can make the right decisions in a world of hyper-accelerated socio-technological evolution.

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