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Compugen Makes Top Ten Green IT List

Posted December 01 2009 in Announcements, Awards, Community

Toronto, Ontario—1 December 2009.  Compugen Inc. is pleased to announce that it has been named one of Canada’s top ten green IT practitioners by Computer Dealer News. Reasons for the distinction include Compugen’s whole-life approach to customers’ procurement requirements, its leadership in end-of-life product disposition strategies and its role in nurturing innovative green practices. The announcement was made on 9 November 2009 in a story in Computer Dealer News.

“We have taken several important steps in the direction of long-term sustainability, both in terms of our own operations and as a solution provider to many of Canada’s premier enterprises,” said Andrew Stewart, Vice President, Corporate Services and Marketing, Compugen. “Compugen likes to practice what it preaches, and is also responsive to the demands of the marketplace which is placing a premium products and services that are environmentally aware. Canadian businesses are factoring in the full lifetime costs of a product or service, including any anticipated premiums on operating resource requirements like electricity, disposal costs driven by environmental regulations and impact on staff productivity—more work per kilowatt hour of power represents an environmental benefit, for example, or enablement of remote work may substantially reduce the company’s footprint by reducing commuting. We are thinking very hard about how we can be both a participant in this greening process and an enabler of our customers’ sustainability aspirations.”

Several Compugen initiatives have contributed to this success:

  • EPEAT procurement—Compugen is an authorized EPEAT reseller.
  • VMware Partner of the Year—Compugen was recognized by VMware for its leadership role in designing virtualization solutions that leverage the full capabilities of VMware’s virtualization technology;
  • VirtualONE virtualization practice—Compugen has developed a multi-vendor holistic approach to virtualization that takes into account existing infrastructure, power consumption and datacentre hardware consolidation goals and financial constraints to get the most benefit from each virtualization initiative.
  • Communications infrastructure—Compugen, which designs and builds communications infrastructure for its clients nationally, is itself evolving towards a fully mobile operation; the effect is to permit anytime, anywhere connectivity between staff, customers and suppliers, allowing many staff to work mostly from home offices or at locations that reduce or eliminate commuting, thus reducing the company’s carbon footprint.
  • Verdiem partnership—Compugen was the first in Canada to recognize and partner with Verdiem, a US-based software firm that develops software to actively manage PC desktop power, saving businesses thousands of dollars annually in electricity costs.
  • Climate Savers participation—Compugen is an Affiliate Member of Climate Savers.
  • Green IT best-practice commitment—Compugen participates at the executive level in the development of best-practice models with the Innovation Value Institute, the Boston Consulting Group, Microsoft and others.
  • Microsoft® Authorized Refurbisher (MAR)—Compugen is the first commercial MAR in Canada, and has been a part of the Community MAR program for some time. Microsoft’s MAR program improves the supply chain for refurbished computers, extending the life of equipment.

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