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Compugen First to Offer Solutions Built on ThinkOn Virtual Data Centre

Posted June 27 2013 in Announcements

Toronto, Ontario, 27 June 2013. Compugen is the first IT services provider in Canada to offer Virtual Data Centre solutions built on ThinkOn’s Virtual Data Centre Services, launched on Tuesday, 25 June 2013.

Compugen customers will be given access to their own compute, storage and network resources, which can then be configured according to their own unique needs. Resources are available for redeployment as the customer’s needs change. Compugen will be embedding this infrastructure as part of its managed services offerings.

“ThinkOn’s Virtual Data Centre Infrastructure solution enables us to deliver the ultimate in flexible computing infrastructure,” said Harry Zarek, Compugen’s President and CEO. “The self-service provisioning portal makes it incredibly easy for our customers to manage their own infrastructure, or have Compugen manage virtual data centre applications for them as part of a managed services initiative.”

This Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) offering makes available compute, storage and network resources as public cloud services. All data remain in Canada at all times—addressing the ongoing issue of regulatory compliance—and all resources are pay per use. Tier-one vendors are supplying the storage, compute and networking infrastructure. ThinkOn sells exclusively through the channel.

About ThinkOn

ThinkOn (www.thinkon.com) brings virtual data centre technology to Canadian organizations, helping CTO’s to accelerate IT, avoid disasters, and reduce server costs while avoiding the legal and performance issues of US-based cloud companies. ThinkOn is headquartered in Toronto, with operations across Canada.

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