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Compugen Finance Inc.’s CarbonBank™ Program presented with the 2019 Clean 50 Award

Posted October 09 2019 in Awards, Industry

Compugen Finance Inc. was honoured today to receive the 2019 Clean 50 Top Project award for the CarbonBank™ Program. The Clean50 Top15 Projects annually recognize those projects completed in the prior two years based on their innovation and their ability to inform and inspire other Canadians.

The Clean50 Awards were founded by Delta Management Group in June 2011 and have been awarded in September each year since. Selection is made by Delta Management, but with significant assistance from a team of exceptional third party advisors, and is based on detailed submissions by nominees who wish to be considered, based on their impacts as measurable in Canada.

CarbonBank is the world’s first and only program that converts the sale of refurbished technology into a carbon credit while offering monies to corporations for their end-of-first-life technology. These carbon credits are then used to help businesses offset their overall carbon footprint.

Learn more about CarbonBank here.

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