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Desktop refresh for Princess Auto means better security, maintenance, and lower costs

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With stores across most of Canada, Winnipeg-based retailer Princess Auto serves the home, shop and industrial markets. Its unique blend of products includes power transmission, workshop tools, trailer/truck accessories, seasonal and recreational equipment, and surplus.

  • 30% to 40% cost savings by using refurbished PCs
  • Increased visibility into asset inventory and status
  • Stable desktop infrastructure supports company's growth plans
photo: Desktop refresh for Princess Auto means better security, maintenance, and lower costs
We were thoroughly pleased with this project, which I would score as a 9 to 9.5 out of 10 in overall satisfaction; and although hiccups can happen on any IT project, Compugen resolved these very well.

Ken Kumar

Director of Information Services & Technology, Princess Auto


Over time, the fleet of PCs used in Princess Auto stores had become out of date, with the old hardware prone to crashing. Because it comprised a mixed bag of makes and models and was running practically every version of Microsoft operating system software, the fleet became increasingly difficult to manage. In addition, there were no company-wide standards or centralized approach to deployment, upgrades or patch management and virus controls, which exposed the company to growing security risks. With plans to grow to 55 stores, the firm needed to get its desktop infrastructure in better order.


Compugen used 367 refurbished and re-imaged desktop PCs from its ISO-certified configuration centre to refresh all 34 Princess Auto stores across the country. The process included configuration, transportation, installation and migration of user data to the refurbished machines, as well as the decommissioning and return of old machines.

"Because of the very professional and thorough way the Compugen machines are cleaned, refurbished, tested and packaged, I found them to be every bit as good as what I see with new hardware,” said Ken Kumar, Director of Information Services & Technology at Princess Auto.


As a result of the refresh and by establishing a consistent corporate desktop standard, all 367 refurbished PCs in Princess Auto stores are now identical, with only a single base software image. This yields consistent usability and look and feel for all PCs and makes it dramatically easier and less expensive for the IT team to manage and maintain the desktop fleet. Compugen’s help in establishing a Microsoft Enterprise Software Agreement also yielded numerous benefits, including licensing flexibility to support staff working at home and the ability to manage software costs more effectively.

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