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Control Over Your Assets: Find out how to keep tabs on it all

Do you know where your assets are?

You’ve got a lot of IT equipment and software in your organization. Do you know where all of it is? Because it matters.

Staff members move on and change roles, but the equipment they use must be consistently tracked and accounted for. Why is it so critical? Your assets have sensitive data on them. Lose track of your assets and you could be dealing with security breaches from the people that find them.

Looking for other reasons to pay attention? Consider software. Despite the focus on software compliance, many organizations actually have more licenses than they need. Why? Because most don’t have a mechanism to re-allocate licenses when someone leaves or receives a new computer – so a new PC often equals a new license. Tracking and maintaining only the number of licenses you need can save you money – and give you peace of mind that you are compliant with software publishers.

Need another example? Let’s take leasing. A good tracking method for leased hardware can be the difference between a clean return and an unexpected invoice. When your leases come to an end, your leasing partner will be looking for every item in “as received” condition – no extra memory or upgrades. For every change or missing item be prepared to pay.

“We were finding it virtually impossible to physically track the movement of machines. We were relying on users to do this for us, but this produced mixed results at best ….By comparing the results of the network scans with an inventory report from [Compugen’s] Emerge, and reconciling any differences, we are now much better able to keep track of IT assets. Our IT equipment needs are always changing, and the visibility that Emerge provides helps us develop a much better understanding of those needs.”

Pattie Chorney

IT Infrastructure Manager, Finning (Canada)

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