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IT Planning & Roadmaps

​Our evaluations are based on a thorough discovery process, real-world stress tests for your IT environment, and a detailed set of recommendations of what to improve and how to make it happen.

Looking for an assessment that’s not on the list? We have a range of assessments including managed services and change management strategy. Want a custom assessment? No problem, let’s talk.

Real World Example

For example, if your organization is going through a merger or acquisition, an IT assessment will look at how to integrate the different IT systems, plan what the new end state will look like, and evaluate the return on investment to outsourcing IT versus keeping it in-house.

Want to see it in action? A customer with significant security concerns had placed a blanket ban on personal devices in the office. They believed that very few staff members were violating this policy but wanted to be sure.  An IT assessment identified that the ban was unsuccessful, and as a result recommended the creation of an enterprise mobility program.  With the new BYOD policy, IT addressed its security and cost concerns while the organization benefited from empowered employees and productivity gains.

IT Strategy Assessments

  • IT Capability Improvement: Diagnose your IT infrastructure to create action-oriented output and drive continuous improvement. Our assessments are based on Innovation Value Institute IT-Capability Maturity Framework.
  • Cloud Maturity: See how cloud computing services and platforms can contribute to increased staff productivity, agility, decreased costs, and a more mobile workforce.
  • BYOD Adoption: The disruptive nature of IT consumerization offers both opportunities and challenges for leaders.  We simplify and provide practical roadmaps for effective Enterprise Mobility Management.

IT Operations

  • Datacentre performance and optimization: Can your datacentre keep up with your business demands, and is there any room for improvement?
  • Software licensing assessment: How many licenses have you purchased, what software suites are your end users actually using, and is there a gap between what you own and what you need?
  • Application visibility and risk assessment: How much of your internet traffic is being used by non-business activities? Are you exposed to data loss from unauthorized file transfers – and if so, where?
  • Network security assessment: How secure is your network, how accessible is it to guests and staff, and how confidential is your data? What changes need to be made to ensure security?

Things to consider when looking at IT Planning & Roadmaps

​With the results of your assessment in hand, you may want to consider how Investment Justification services can also help ensure your investment in IT meets its goals.

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