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This was one of the biggest communications projects we’ve undertaken, and it was a success from start to finish. Through Compugen’s integration efforts, we were able to initiate a slow migration of our telephony environment, allowing us to manage costs and minimize disruption to hospital staff.

Kevin Farias

Network Technical Analyst, Queensway Carleton Hospital
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However, the reality is that security on portable devices is far harder to manage than on traditional desktops or wired devices, and Bring Your Own Device programs are accelerating the trend. A scalable, enterprise mobile management solution requires strategies for procuring, deploying and managing multiple devices per user on a secure network, with security tools that go beyond simple lock and wipe functionality. Whether you implement geofencing to notify administrators when mobile device enter or exit your environment, enforce strict on-device encryption or enable a combination of software reinforcements, we can help you evaluate your options.

Our customers come to us to provide a range of mobility services, from setting up BYOD programs to deploying laptops, tablets and mobile payment systems. Here are a few of the solutions we can help you with:

  • Procurement, activation and installation of laptop, tablet, and smartphones, including setting up the wireless SIM cards and activating devices directly with wireless carriers
  • Integrated deployments allowing for a complete rollout of all your new products at once
  • Security measures to keep corporate data safe, including federated identity and single sign-on practices, plus secure connectivity through a VPN. 
  • Workshifting or hotelling station setup to accommodate a flexible workforce and reduce overhead costs

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