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Managing the Desktop

Give your staff the tools they need

Managing the desktop is a simple concept. It’s about getting your users the tools they need, whether it’s hardware or applications, in a timely manner. The process, however, is anything but simple, which is why many organizations underestimate the effort and complexity associated with managing desktop and mobile environments for end users and keeping them secure and up to date.

If your organization is like most, you replace your systems in large batches – either to replace units at end-of-lease, or to keep your PC repair and replacement costs down by acquiring machines that are the same brand or type. A scheduled, straightforward desktop deployment of 500 computers can take as little as two weeks or as many as four weeks, depending on the complexity.

“We chose Compugen because we wanted a partner that could handle the full scope of the project, with technical skills in domains where we simply didn’t have sufficient manpower, including virtualization, servers and SAN storage, desktop application cutover, Microsoft software services and licensing, Microsoft Exchange migration and integration. Compugen was also going to be able to provide us their ‘A team’ and deploy them in record time as timelines were very tight.”

Wayne Klamut

Information Systems Manager, District of West Kelowna

However, managing the desktop environment goes beyond putting machines onto desks. It includes procuring hardware and software, ensuring that your end users have quick and simple access to the applications  they need, and performing upgrades and regular maintenance .

Do you have a plan in place for acquiring new systems and rolling over your existing software licenses? If not, we can help you right from the planning stage with insight on how to put together a smooth rollout that capitalizes on what you already have, provides new systems within your timeframe and ensures minimal impact to your end users. Looking for a plan to dispose of old equipment? We can help you with a process to give you peace of mind that your data was destroyed and your equipment has not ended up in landfill.

The tools used for managing end user systems change frequently, and it’s our job to stay on top of it so you don’t have to. The best tools for a Windows 7 deployment, for example, are not the same as the best tools for a server refresh or a BYOD rollout. Access to the right tools, combined with pro advice from our professional services  team and years of experience managing deployments and end user devices, is what sets us apart.

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