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1515-444 St. Mary Ave
Winnipeg, Manitoba R3C 3T1
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Phone: (204) 594-1900
Toll Free: 1-866-316-8864
Fax: (204) 594-1929

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Winnipeg, MB

​This branch has a strong focus on communications, virtualization and networking, and our managed services and software businesses are consistently growing. We boast strong teams of Microsoft and Cisco experts with far-ranging experience, and our datacentre practice has been the cornerstone of many of the recent projects operating out of this branch.

The Winnipeg office also has the most musicians per capita within Compugen.

"“Working with people that care and are passionate makes a huge difference in my work life experience, couple this with a contemporary perspective on the work environment and work/life balance equates to a very happy and dedicated team. Dedication that is brought in spades to our customers, and the services we deliver."

Thomas Calafato

Team Lead, C&C [Communication and Collaboration] Enterprise Networking
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