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Training offer: Classroom workshops to inspire learning

Training offer: Classroom workshops to inspire learning

Education is at its best when teachers and students are engaged and learning together – and technology is a fantastic enabler.

Compugen is excited to offer K-12 teachers a choice of four hands-on workshops delivered by Microsoft professionals. We’ll bring pre-configured devices and all the materials required to provide you with concepts, learnings, and ideas for your classroom to inspire fantastic learning outcomes.

Let us know which topic is of interest to you, and we’ll set it up with our Microsoft Learning Consultant.

Session 1: OneNote to rule them all

Learn how to support your students, remain organized, and communicate with OneNote. During this training, we will review a teacher-guided framework that allows for content preparation, creation, and distribution. We will also cover how to create lessons and unit plans and keep you, as a teacher, connected with your school community. Other features that we will touch on include Immersive Reader, Dictation and online video integration. Learn how to support your students, remain organized, and communicate with confidence using OneNote.

Session 2: Minecraft Education Edition: Make it your world

Make your students dreams come true by bringing the videogame Minecraft into the classroom. In this Minecraft Education Edition session, we will discuss how you can create fun, engaging and collaborative lessons using game-based learning. We will discuss how students can document their learning to make deeper and more meaningful connections; possibilities are endless!

Session 3: Creative coding with MakeCode

Bring computational thinking to your classroom with fun, engaging, and hands-on coding activities for students of all levels. This Microsoft MakeCode session will show you how to bring 21st Century Learning and goal-based activities into your classroom. We will show you how your students can follow along with a wide range of tutorials or follow their imagination and create their own projects.

Session 4: Learning without borders with Skype

Using Skype, you can bring in industry experts, take virtual field trips, or connect students from across town to around the world. During this session, we will review how you can use Skype to promote geography skills as well as global citizenship. You will also learn how to connect with other educators, get lesson plans, and start a project with Skype in the classroom.

There are so many tools out there – but how to find the best of them and really make them work for you? Join us as we take a look at some of Microsoft's most popular (and most useful!) free tools that can make a big impact as teachers and students strive to keep learning fun and engaging. Learn how these tools can be used across the curriculum to increase productivity and student engagement. This session is 1-2 hours.

Please RSVP below by filling in your information and which topic you are interested in. Make sure you take advantage of this opportunity to book a FREE training session.